The Role of Free Will and Choice

Storms can be sudden and fierce raging until they suck the life out of us. If you give away all of your power, people will take it. When did we decide we could not have power? When did we determine we were powerless at the whim of everyone else? 

Communicating is the key to train and stand up for yourself and not get walked all over. You have to muster up the courage and be able to say what you want. It is the hardest part but possibly the most important.

Our beliefs and fears are important because, until that shifts, your life is going to be pretty crappy. When did you learn you had to please others to be safe? So many of us are guilty of this. We stop ourselves from speaking out to keep the peace. Sure, there are times when it makes sense to let it slide. Not everything is worth causing a ruckus over but too often we choose to pass the opportunity to be assertive, stand up for ourselves and use our voice.

If someone else is devaluing you, there is a good chance you are doing the same thing. So, change has to start with you. Whatever you do, as Dylan Thomas wrote, “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

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Written with love.

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