I Wish Death Would Take A Vacation – The Story Continues





After the publication of the first book of this series, I Wish Death Would Take A Vacation – My Story, so many have sat before me, days or weeks after their mothers’ death. I never dreamt my story would continue with an addendum, helping lead the way for what was going to be one of the darkest and most arduous journeys for many, the death of their moms.

My mother’s death, as of this writing, will be rolling up on the third anniversary although my memories of the days and weeks that led up to her death have somewhat faded. My feelings of sorrow are bone-deep. I do not need to remember with any amount of clarity to feel the overwhelming sadness.

There was a point a year, or so ago, I believed I would someday be beyond the bewilderment of grief. I remember all too well walking down a long hallway learning my mother was dying. At the time of my mother’s death, I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Save a seat at the table.”

The story continues. 

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.