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If we could learn to think better, we can ultimately learn to live better. It is crazy to see all of the beauty that comes from incredible pain. Life is unpredictable, but it does not mean we are powerless, or we do not have many options to create meaning and find joy.


There was a point a couple of years ago, I believed I would someday be beyond the bewilderment of grief. I remember all too well walking down a long hallway learning my mother was dying. At the time of my mother’s death, I kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Save a seat at the table.”


This is my story.


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This is a book written for those who have struggled …


This is a book written for those who have struggled with feelings of worthiness, worthlessness, restlessness, sadness, or just plain “stuck” in your lives. If you’re at an emotional crossroad in your life, pick up this book. I read this book in a day and a half (which for me is a feat, in and of itself!) All of us have the “stories of our lives”, but after reading this book, it left me with more feelings and emotions than I knew how to articulate. So, I just stayed alone with them for a day. This true story of struggle and survival hits on all key facets of life. It is raw, it is real, and the author tells it with a tongue-in-cheek flair. It is a book of trepidation and inspiration! Looking forward to her next book!


**This book is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. This book was written to support, not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you feel you have a condition.






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