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Once again, we have to mourn for the victims of another senseless shooting. When will this stop?

I am not chicken little or here comes the apocalypse kind of person. I can only imagine anyone that has had their life touched by these mass shootings, directly or indirectly, may feel the apocalypse happened. However, I do know we cannot sit idly by.

I used to think naively at some point the world would reverse, some politician would stand up and say, “This is not working folks.” I fear my generation will be the last to fight this war. The next and more than the next generation will know no other way. But I do not care if the way I think makes me a dinosaur. I do not know why I care so much. It is not my problem which seems to be all of our attitudes. I am being facetious. We are complacent, and complacency is dangerous. 

Over the years I have finally succumbed to the irresistible seduction of education. People with different opinions and the ministry of common sense. Whether you believe in God or not, these horrible bloodbaths our country has been taking from one end to the other has to stop. You may think you want to live forever, but you do not. 

Let us play this out logically. If you live forever, there are only three possibilities:  conscious external existence, unconscious external existence or reincarnation where we remember one lifetime.

Imagine the longest day you ever had. Maybe some of us have been awake for a couple of days. Perhaps even more than that. Most of us start feeling weird when we have stayed up all night. When I have not slept in 24 hours, I think I am in a time warp. In particular, when other people have started their new day and I was still working on finishing up yesterday. It just is not right. What is happening in our country is not right. Wake up!

I have bad news. The world is going to end. I also have good news but probably not any time soon. Why has America gone crazy? It is a question many of you doubtless have asked over the past few years. It is one I have struggled to come up with the right answer other than we have fundamentally come unglued.

We have barely laid to rest those that were going to church one early Saturday morning and shot to death in their pews, and in these last handful of days there are more people, merely children, that are going to have to be laid to rest because we are complacent. 

I know this is a different world from the one in which I grew up. It is not necessarily better in my perspective but here is what I know now where I was spoiled:  had and read real books, a phone or watch that did not need charging, water that came from a spring, home cooked meals (as bad as they were), and we knew how to have real conversations and talk, not text. We could collectively come together and actually do something about the world we live in and become one voice screaming stop instead of spewing hatred. Let us stop trying to be right and come up with logical solutions. If it is not your problem today, one day it could very well be your problem.

Life changes with one phone call. If we do not change what is happening, who is next?

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Written with love.

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