An Open Letter


The Storm Rages On


The noise of the storm

Has become much too loud

Consider the stirring

The rage of the crowd

We can’t underestimate

All that goes on


It isn’t the first time


It won’t be the last

History repeats itself

If we haven’t learned


Our time is limited

Don’t waste it

On living someone

Else’s life

Someone else’s


Of how they think

It should be


Don’t get trapped

In your behavior

It is your choice

Don’t let the noise

Of others’ opinions


Out your own

Inner voice


Have the courage

To follow your heart

And do what is right

No one will win

If we continue this fight


It begins with one person

Not the rage of the crowd

We all have to work on it

We all must try


Hatred is like


It will saturate

Bubble up

And then


Have some foresight


You are drinking

The Koolaid

Don’t you care

In the moments

Of silence


Know this is true

The thunder rages on

In the distance

Up comes the storm


The anger and hatred

Of the crowd

Their noise is deafening

Much too loud

Stop the madness

It is within our power



Vengeance doesn’t

Belong to us

Not yours not mine

If you look back in history

It has crept up again

We can’t continue

Or the next storm

Could very well be

Our end


Copyright © 2020


Remember to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving ©


Written with love.


Joy M. Mills (IP)
Copyright © 2020


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