An Open Letter

The unhappiest people in the world are the people who care too much what others think. We do not need to please anyone but ourselves. A simple rule everyone can understand, if we try to impress at any cost, we are disguising ourselves.


If we disguise ourselves, our essence dies. No one deserves to hide his or her true self, emotions or thoughts. What people say and do to you is much more about them than you. People’s reaction to you is about their perspectives, wounds and experiences.


Whether people think you are amazing or believe you are the worst is more about them and how they view the world. Now, I am not saying we should be self-indulged narcissists and ignore all of the opinions and commentary we receive from others. I am merely saying incredible amounts of hurt, disappointment and sadness in our lives come directly from our tendency to take things personally. In most cases, it is far more productive and healthier to let go of other people’s good or bad opinions of you and to operate with your intuition and wisdom as your guide.


Remember to keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. ©


Written with love.


Joy M. Mills (IP)
Copyright © 2019


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.