An Open Letter

No one could have anticipated the veracity of Hurricane Dorian and its cruel, angry decent on the Bahamas. They have gone through countless hurricanes, and on the eve of Dorian, they knew the drill. Board up your home, secure your belongings, and stock up on food, water, non-perishable items and snacks. However, no one could have prepared for a storm of this magnitude.


Bohemians have faced down the merciless beatings of many hurricanes in the past. No one could have anticipated what many could liken to an atomic bomb going off. Imagine enduring this hell for forty plus hours. Once the water subsides, the debris is cleared and the bodies are counted, what hope will be left for the Abacos, the Grand Bahama and the outer islands?


I can only imagine their nerves are frayed, and they are like war-torn veterans as of this writing. We still do not know how many are dead or trapped, holding out for rescue. In real-time, Bohemians fortunate enough to escape Dorian’s wrath, held their breath and watched in horror as familiar streets and neighborhoods were swallowed up. The boundaries where the ocean and land once met were erased. The sea moved inland along with the sharks, unimaginable horror.


The situation has devolved into a humanitarian crisis. So many people have jumped in to help navigate the most challenging logistics. I have spent many wonderful vacations in the Bahamas and have found the Bohemian people to be some of the kindest people on the planet. They need our help.


If you would like to help those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, why not donate to #bstrong. Here is your chance. One hundred percent of donations go directly to helping individuals in disaster impacted areas with no administrative or overhead expense withdrawals. Visit to contribute. Bethenny Frankel is partnered with Global Empowerment Mission.


Thank you for your support.


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Written with love.
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