An Open Letter

Where Midnight Runs

By Joy M. Mills

Beyond the stars – Where Midnight Runs… 

Our life here done 

Sunshine begins! 

How can we grieve?

Why is it so? 

We are human

Everyone must go… 

The sad part is 

No one really knows. 

Some of us young 

With so much life and potential it seems. 

If only we all could spend 

Our time here and give

The love 

The hope

Encourage each other

Because our time is short

From the first breath we take

Until the last one is done.

We will go beyond – Where Midnight Runs…

This isn’t negative

It isn’t really death 

It’s life renewing 

In a different form. 

The rest of us weep 

When our loved ones are gone. 

The pain 

The tears 

We all feel and shed. 

We take it so for granted

Life I mean 

We don’t stop to think about dead. 

An awful word 

It doesn’t make sense 

To those left behind. 

We can’t jump the fence. 

They are not faraway 

They are forever near 

Our angels 

Our help 

Is what they have become 

Beyond the sky – Where Midnight Runs…. 

They are at peace and so must we be. 

Their bodies are gone

Their spirits set free. 

“Remember the promise” 

Again we will see them 

Hold them close 

So grieve not my friends. 

Easily said 

Your loved one 

Has risen 

Their soul is alive 

No such word as gone 

Beyond the sky – Where Midnight Runs… 

So laughter through tears 

When your heart aches so bad

Remember their smiles and try not to be sad.

They have gone beyond

The Stars

To a better place

No more heartache 

No more pain 

Where Midnight Runs…

Copyright © Joy M. Mills 2013


*This article is not intended to provide and does not constitute medical, legal or other professional advice. This article was written to support, not replace medical or psychiatric treatment. Please seek professional care if you feel you have a condition.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.