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Reach Up From Pain


Here is what I was thinking:

Water does seek its own level…


Should we be thankful for insights we stand to gain from any relationship? Enjoy them, discover and love you independently so you don’t shortchange your future…


A lot of people will color things pretty or justify what they are doing for their own selfish gain. It really has nothing to do with you but the pain it brings is the same.


If you want to be in more control of what happens to you in any relationship, nurture your spirit and teach people how to treat you. Don’t limit your own potential for happiness.


Be very thankful they have embarrassed or humiliated you for the last time. Unfortunately, some people don’t have the guts and decency to be honest. When the truth does surface, it is heartbreaking. Eventually people reveal their true motives. Now, instead of future faking to get what they want from you, you will be moving on to healthier relationships.


Be thankful for the Internet. You get to discover you are not alone and that your situation is not unique and unheard of. Look up from your pain and reach out to people who actually give a damn about you and your feelings. Know you haven’t done something to cause someone to be who he or she is. After all, their actions are blessings. They haven’t taught you that you are unlovable – they are teaching you to love yourself and reach for higher places…


Keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. ©


Written with love.

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Joy M. Mills ©

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.