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Here is what I was thinking:

Soul Mates and Soul Partners


People are always talking about their perfect soul mate. I always raise an eyebrow with this one. Truly, I always want to send a sympathy card or at least extend my deepest condolences because with a soul mate there are always deeper issues. Usually one is left wondering what happened and why it didn’t work out… more times than not. Someone is always in a fetal position in the corner crying and the other is always leaving. There is no happily ever after. It is a rollercoaster. If you checked back with that same person years later, you will ask yourself, “What was I ever thinking?” You may believe it is not like that but your stories, your patterns and your past reveal just how true it really is. Where is the place we find true love? Love is meant to be positive, constructive and enhancing us both for ourselves and the other…


A soul partner, I think, is a perfect union. It is a relationship between two people that consist of two wholes. Two whole separate people each when united form a perfect half of another, a unified whole. When we are young the world around us tells the fairy tale, Happily Ever After is what reality is. You know the one. We have absorbed it all and bought into the dream.


Here is what I know:


Real love, not that fantasy in our head that will leave us broken, is what a soul partner offers. We don’t always recognize it when it is right in front of us. We begin to look backwards and want to live in that past trying to figure things out instead of looking forward to that simple place that is now, the calm abiding peaceful place.


Soul Mate:

(Brings you from 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds. It is like running a sprint throughout your entire relationship – exhausting and very hurtful.)


Soul Mate is the one who turned your world upside down and has you repeating all of your old patterns all over again; the complicated one that said one thing and did another; promised so much but delivered nothing but heartache and the one who wreaked havoc on your self-confidence and self-esteem. At the end of it and there will be an end, you are left with more questions than answers.


Soul Partner:

(Has consistency of a slow walk on a sunny breezy day, not too hot and not too cold. This kind of relationship doesn’t look like what we picture it to be. After all, the soul partner actually calls when they say they will.)


Soul Partners are the ones who ask you out with enough notice. They respect you have a life. They show they really want to see you; they are the ones who want the same kind of relationship and the same kind of life you have always wanted and are the ones we pass over time after time because we think they aren’t exciting enough. After all, we don’t want to settle for less than exciting. There is something to be said for consistency. No human being is going to like everything the person they are with does or doesn’t do all of the time but there is a strong foundation. Any relationship requires growth and love. Real love grows deeper with time. Trust and respect are at the apex and love is the foundation. Friendship is in the middle of it all.


That New Person:


Give them a break! Take a second and look at that nice person. There is only one person keeping you from having the kind of real love that you have always wanted – you! Get out of your own head and don’t settle for crumbs of an old relationship that brought you the excitement of a rollercoaster going off the rails.


You deserve the love of a Soul Partner. It is time to stop settling for less. Walk across that bridge. True love might just be waiting for you.


Keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. (c)


Written with love.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.