Soul - Lutions

Time for Renewal, Transition and Change

Always Forgive


Soul – Lutions

Here is what I was thinking:


What exactly is a manipulator? They are people that come into your life with a need, wish or a dream and they see possibilities. A person that preys on another, spreads stories and hides behind whatever is necessary to achieve their goal. They see you as a means to an end.


Two things are infinite: the Universe and human stupidity. Talk sense to a fool and they will call you foolish. After all, you are not entitled to your opinion.


Remove yourself from their lives as quickly as you can. More than we are doers, we are deciders. Once decisions are made, the doing is effortless. Let the healing begin…


Keep the circle positive, peaceful and loving. ©


Written with love.


Joy M. Mills ©

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to address those with clinical depression or other mental illnesses.